AI – - More than 40 silly pages of artificial intelligence fun.
Santa Bot – Chat live with Santa Claus online. – Help make the world a better place by doing random acts of kindness, such as those suggested on this site. – An online sign generator. – A large list of funny and interesting anagrams, plus an anagram generator. – Create fun awards online for your friends and family. – An automatic complaint letter generator, to complain to a person or a company. – Funny bumper sticker quotes. – An amazing online card trick.
Cell Phone Spying – A free service you can use to spy on your friends. – Vote for your favorite color and see how other people voted. – Watch cover song music videos and vote on which you like best. – Fads from the past 100 years: hula hoops, disco, pet rocks, goldfish swallowing, flagpole sitting, mood rings, Rubik’s Cubes, 3D movies, and more. – A large list of funny and strange questions. – Create virtual burps and send them to friends. – Create farts online and send them to your friends and family.
Free Personalized Chidlren’s Stories – Create personalized audio stories for kids that actually say their first name in the story, all for free online. – Instantly generates a free customized painting for you online based upon your personality. – Create a rap song online using your microphone and our free hip-hop beats. – Send somebody a virtual ice cream cone. – Create your own virtual fireworks show. – Adopt a virtual baby. – Find out when you will die. – View satellite photos of famous locations such as celebrity houses, movie locations, historical landmarks, and tourist attractions. – Funny names for different types of farts. – Inspirational stories to get you motivated.
Women’s Bathroom Humor – A funny look at what goes on in the Women’s public restroom. – A huge list of cliches and idioms, along with their definitions. – A neuro search engine that allows you to search peoples’ minds for factual information. – Hear the crazy things people did to get themselves fired from their jobs. – Start a virtual food fight. – Translate English to many fun languages like hip-hop, AOL’er , and Vulcan. – A huge collection of funny jokes.
Pet Peeves – A huge list of things that annoy people.
Virtual Boyfriend Game – Get a virtual boyfriend and go on dates with him, write him love letters, buy him gifts, and much more.
GetDolls – Free doll dressup games and dollmakers. – A huge database of insults. – Send a virtual kiss to your friend or loved one. – Get a nickname for yourself. – Reduce your stress level by listening to soothing sounds and watching relaxing images online. – Give your ego a boost. – A giant list of interesting facts. – A quiz game where you view a photo and to guess which movie it is from. – A fun quiz where you try to name the landmark by looking at an aerial view of the location. – An online breakup letter generator. – Find out the origins of common phrases and sayings. – Type a word or name and see it spelled out in images. – News for kids from around the web.
Men’s Bathroom Humor – A funny look at what goes on in the Men’s public restroom. – Find out what your future will be. – Send a hug online. – Pick a virtual booger and send it to your friends online. – Read real stories about practical jokes that people have played on each other. – Hundreds of funny puns. – Virtual bubble wrap. – Funny photos of cats with stuff on them. – Funny photos of dogs with stuff on them. – Create your own vomit and send it to your friends. – A fun site that reverses the text that you type. – A list of funny names for Vomit. – Hundreds of wild and crazy inventions.
Virtual Girlfriend Game – Get a virtual girlfriend and go on dates with her, write her love letters, buy her gifts, and much more. – A huge list of brain teasers and riddles for you to enjoy. – A list of funny made up words. – A big list of Yo Mamma jokes and insults. – A highly addictive game. Once you start playing, you will not be able to be stop. – Setup an online lemonade stand and see how much lemonade you can sell.
Tic-Tac-Toe – Play Tic-Tac-Toe online against the computer. – An online game where you try to find famous locations on a map as fast as you can. – You’ve played it with your friends, now play Rock Paper Scissors online. – Pop the balloons with the darts to get to the next level.
Punch Buggy Game – An online version of the game kids play in the car. – Test your reflexes online.
Spot The Differences – A game where you find the differences between 2 photos. – A big list of metaphors and their meanings. – Read parables and other life lessons. – Are you a precrastinator? – Find out which celebrities run their own startup companies and websites. – Solve the mystery of why your shirts suddenly get tiny holes in them. – Brain cancer diagnosis info and brain tumor treatment options.