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Video Taco - Watch the most popular videos on the Internet. – Interesting photos from Asia.
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Chat With God - Talk with God live online.
Vast Movies - Watch hundreds of movies for free online. Also see film trailers and read movie reviews. - Adopt a fairy or unicorn online. - A big list of Yo Mamma jokes. - Read confessions people submit. - A game where you try to spot the differences between 2 photos. - lyrics and music to hundreds of popular nursery rhymes. - Adopt virtual pets.
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Hip Hop Grams - Free musical eGreetings where the rapper actually says the name of your recipient in the song.
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Crazy Thoughts - A large list of funny and strange questions.
Pet Peeves - A huge list of things that annoy people.
Death Forecast - Find out when you will die.
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Wacky Inventions - Hundreds of wild and crazy inventions.
Digital Films - Create your own short animated films online, with no programming knowledge needed.
Fired Workers - Hear the crazy things people did to get themselves fired from their jobs.
Get Insulted - A huge database of insults.
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Get Amused - A huge collection of funny jokes.
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Online Caption Generator - Create funny signs instantly.
Anagrams - A large list of funny and interesting anagrams, plus an anagram generator.
Bumper Quotes - Funny bumper sticker quotes.
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Adopt Me - A free site where you can adopt virtual pets (such as dogs, cats, horses, turtles, and fish) and learn the responsibilities of pet ownership by feeding, walking, and taking care of them.
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Cell Phone Spying - A free service you can use to spy on your friends. Just enter the phone number of their cell phone or mobile device (Blackberry, Treo, etc.) and within seconds the satellite tracking system will triangulate their exact location using their cellular signal.
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Virtual Ice Cream Cones
Data Numerics - Instantly create a real looking statistics report for any topic using totally made up data.
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Freaky Dreams - Learn how to interpret your dreams.
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Freaky Mind - A prank you can play on your friends where you trick them into thinking this website can guess everything about them.
Trivia Brains Game - A free online game where you answer celebrity trivia, science trivia, music trivia, and pop culture trivia questions. All questions are in audio format, where they are spoken to you.
Fun Translators - Translate English to many fun languages like hip-hop, AOL'er , and Vulcan.
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Crazy Illusion - An optical illusion.
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Giant Ego - Give your ego a boost.
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Crap Machine - Create a piece of virtual crap and email it to a friend or enemy.
Charlie The Cop - A free story about a 15 year old who believes he is a cop.
Movie Tests - An online movie trivia game
Mystical Ball - Find out what your future will be.
Net Dances - Watch videos of popular dances such as Napoleon Dynamite, The Moonwalk, Elaine from Seinfeld, Star Wars Kid, The Macarana, The Chicken Dance, The Robot, William Hung, and more.
Office Pranks - A list of pranks that you can play on your co-workers
Parable Site - Read parables and other life lessons.
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Pee Names - A funny list of names for peeing.
Amazing Fun - Send virtual stuff to your friends and family for free: ice cream, flowers, pizza, pranks, kisses, prayers, insults, and more.
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Pickup Help - Hundreds of pickup lines that you can use to meet women.
Rap o Grams - Send Someone A Hip-Hop Greeting Today.
Romance Level - A love calculator to use to find out how compatible you are with somebody.
Roommate Tricks - Hundreds of ways to annoy your roommate.
Site Poems - Turn any website into a poem.
Site Poetry - Turn any website that you visit into magnetic words that you can play with online. Just type the website's URL into the box on the left side of this page .
Silly Messages - Funny answering machine messages.
Spell Things - A fun online spelling test.
Super Pizzas - Create a free virtual pizza for yourself or send it to a friend.
Throw Up - Create your own vomit and send it to your friends.
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Vomit Names - A list of funny names for Vomit.
Zany Images - Funny photo egreetings you can send for free to your friends and family.
College Types - A funny list of the different types of college students.
Pop Tests - An online pop music trivia quiz.
a href="" target="_blank">Play RPS - You've played it with your friends, now play Rock Paper Scissors online.

Online Hugs - Send a hug online.
Zany Jokes - Listen to funny jokes online.
Online Video Game Competition - An online arcade where you try to get the high score on each video game.
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Ugly Flower Store - Send ugly flowers for free online by email. Several dead flower arrangements to choose from.
Star In Your Own Online Video - Put your your face in one of our Web videos and share it with your friends and family.
Women's Bathroom Humor - Several dead flower arrangements to choose from.
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HipHop Games - Play free video games online related to hiphop music.
Celebrity Quizzes - How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Celebrity?
Troxio - Let your friends know what you are doing.
Mobile Phone Games - Fun stuff for you to do on your mobile phone, such as games, horoscopes, and entertainment news.
Dumb Reminders - As easy way to remind yourself to do things, like taking out the trash or cleaning your room.
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Troxio - Send a personalized audio greeting from Santa Claus, that says the name of the person you are sending it to.
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Pimp My Sleigh - A Funny Christmas music video.
Hip-Hop Hanukkah - A funny music video for the Jewish holiday.
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US Jigsaw Puzzles - Online jigsaw puzzles for the states in the United States of America.
Tic-Tac-Toe - Play Tic-Tac-Toe online against the computer.
Browse Cloud - Discover great new websites and vote for your favorite ones.
Scheduled Greetings - Send online greeting cards for all occasions.
President Jigsaw Puzzles - Do jigsaw puzzles online for all of the Presidents of the United States of America.
Water Towers - Information about water towers.
Domain Names For Sale - For sale by owner.
Cyber Cops - Fight Internet fraud and scams.
The Love Quilt Real love stories.